Auto Body Repair Vancouver: McCollum in Washington

When folks in Southwest Washington need auto body repair, Vancouver residents can turn to our location on Minnehaha. Here are the details: McCollum Auto Body – Vancouver 4615 NE Minnehaha St Vancouver, WA Hours Monday thru Friday 7:30 a.m. to 5:30 p.m. Phone Number 360-573-1152 Fax Number 360-573-1929 General Manager D.J. Yeagley Email: Vancouver […]

Choosing An Auto Body Shop Vancouver WA

When it comes to choosing an auto body shop, Vancouver residents are in luck. That’s because the Big Blue M is ready to serve. We have the best auto body technicians anywhere. Drivers in and around Vancouver can bring their vehicles into our McCollum Auto Body Vancouver body shop and receive certified, quality care. Plus, […]

What To Do When You Think You’ve Been Ripped Off

It’s one of the more stress-inducing and frustrating aspects of modern life: Having to make decisions based not on your own knowledge but on the knowledge of others. How can you avoid being ripped off? It’s a strange combination of emotions, isn’t it? On the one hand, thank goodness there are experts out there who […]

What Can I Do With My Insurance Settlement Money?

Here’s a question we get asked from time to time at McCollum Auto Body: Do I have to get my car fixed after I get an insurance settlement? Answer: Not always. If you’re asking yourself, “What can I do with my insurance settlement money?” you may be pleased to discover that the answer is basically, […]

All About Insurance Companies and ‘Totaled’ Vehicles

What does it mean when a vehicle is “totaled”? We’ve probably heard at least one of our friends recount a car accident in which someone “totaled” their vehicle, only to see them driving it around again some weeks later. Thing is, it’s not up to the vehicle owner to determine the extent of damage and […]